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Wrapping Up Week 6

radio show progress

radio show design project

my 10 comments

10 stars of audio assignments

4 stars

1 1/2 stars

3 stars (character)

2 stars (character)

This week was a little different from the past weeks we have had. We had to get into a group and start getting together a radio show. So far my group is going great and we have everything organized and are off on a good start to finish the radio show by next week. I am looking forward to Noir Not the Father to be a finished product.

Designing my poster for Noir Not the Father was tricky due to the fact that I could not figure out how to download gimp. I had to use another design website but I got what I was looking for out of it. Some day this week I will try to get into the DKC to get some help with gimp.

Once again the radio listen along was a blast! I like the seeing all of the other students participating on twitter along with me and I enjoyed commenting with them on our thoughts.

The commenting was a little more then I was used to but now I know how much I should be commenting and will keep that up in the future.

I had some trouble with the audio assignments because it is hard to find audio that goes along with my character.


Commercial That Describes Ol Mick- 2 stars

This assignment was a bit tricky because I had to search through you tube a lot to find a commercial that would work without the video to go along with the audio. I did this by listening and not watching the screen. After I found the right audio I converted it to audio only using you tube to MP3 then put it on audacity. After that I put it on sound cloud and made a post.

Ol Mick’s Emotions Through Sounds- 3 stars

The emotion I am trying to convey in this post is a relaxed feel until Ol Mick drinks too much. From the beginning up until the puke the feel is calm with what seems like a pre party environment. The band is tuning up and everyone is having slow conversation until Ol Mick breaks the calmness.

To make this I first downloaded crowded bar noise which set the environment for the calm, relaxed feel.  Then I downloaded a beat that sounded like a guitar tuning which set the environment for the band getting ready to perform that night. Then I got the sound of Ol Mick laughing which is a pretty heavy laugh which shows that he is having maybe a little bit too much fun, which then becomes evident when he becomes sick which was the last sound I downloaded.

So in conclusion these sounds make a relaxed feel but since my character is such a drunk he ruins the calm.

Noir Not the Father. Tune In!

Noir Not the Father

Creating this poster was kind of a challenge. First off I could not download GIMP so I used an online poster maker. I was happy to find out that the site I used was actually a pretty good design tool. To start I had to think of the concept of the Maury show. I thought of how there is a lot of anger and fighting so that is what I looked up. What came up was the picture on the right of the poster and I thought it was a perfect mix in between Maury and a noir concept. The picture on the left is what I see as Stella Vaughn preparing for the show. I picked this photo because it is the kind of picture I would suspect would be on a poster for a show like Maury.  Lastly I put the title at the top with a interesting faunt that would catch a viewers eye, then I threw in a little subtext that will make viewers want to listen to the show because it explains that something interesting will happen.

Noir Not the Father Progress

After meeting with my group at the convergence center we have come up with the name for our radio talk show which is called Noir Not the Farther. It is going to be a talk show based off of the hit show Maury. We have not talked about the specifics of what is going to happen on our talk show but we are all going to be to be our own characters and have events happen to them that have to do with the personalities of our characters. We have discussed some possible occurrences and it involves a cheating wife and murder plots so expect it to be very noir.

We have also spit up the tasks of radio bumpers and commercials. Tomorrow we have to have the bumpers done which is mine, Brian’s, and Phillips job, and we will try to finish the show by Thursday I believe. Mia and Kelsey will be making the commercials for the show. One will be an alcoholics anonymous commercial. We chose this one because both my and Brian’s characters are alcoholics and we believe that would add some humor to the show. Another commercial will be for a dating site which we got the idea from all the dating site commercials that you see on television now a days. For the last commercial we are in between a carpet cleaning service and a lost cat commercial.

I look forward to recording and putting the entire show together because I really enjoyed the tweet along’s and I think it is cool that I get to be the author of one of these talk shows.

She’s Dead Isn’t She- 4 stars

For this assignment I had to make a mash-up of sounds and make something scary. Using freesound I imported all my sounds and I would say I did a pretty good job. Making this mash-up I learned how to move audio from a place to another place so I can get my audio in the perfect spot. This was a big help in creating and it will help for future assignments as well.

Wrapping Up Week 5

My reflection on Vignelli Canon

The Big Lewboski review

Design blitz

3 daily creates

Valentines day card- 3 stars

Self made book cover- 3 stars (my character)

Chain restaurant mix up- 4 1/2 stars

The tale of Ol Mick- 3 stars (my character)

Copyright laws reflection

As I wrap up week 5 I can’t help but think of all the elements of design there are that I have always just skimmed by without thinking twice about. This week has gotten me to look at those design aspects and appreciate them more.

The Vignelli Cannon introduced me to some of these new design aspects and started my thinking of how design is playing a big part in the world around me. I liked the picture of plates that was in the book that were stacked up and I thought to myself how neat looking and convenient that is.

I decided to review The Big Lebowski for my film review. This movie was definitely one of the most interesting films I have ever seen. Every scene something unsuspecting happened and it made me look more into the noir and how it plays a role in design.

I think the design blitz was one of the more challenging projects I have had to do for this class. Finding the perfect capture was difficult especially when I kept having to refer back to the noir 106 page to find out more about the concepts of design.

I enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! I liked that I had a chance to get very creative and one of my favorite creates would have to be the one I did with my hand. I felt like an artist after that one.

My enjoyment of the daily creates carried over to the assignment bank this week. I really enjoyed getting creative and working with pictures, meshing them all up to get the perfect design I wanted.

Reading the copyright laws, I agree with how they are unfair and should be more acceptable to use other peoples work. They are really destroying some creative ideas out there.

Copyright Laws are Unfair

My thoughts on the copyright laws goes right along with the video of the Disney characters. I do not think it is fair that anyone can tell me what I can use or not use and if I do use it that I will be breaking the law. I do not think it is fair that someone has to pay the copyright owner an amount of money to use their merchandise. Like it is said in the laws that choke creativity video, these laws are destroying creativity. They are making people and kids pirates and law breakers for using something that “isn’t there’s”.

What I think should happen is we meet more in the middle with the copyright laws. For example increase the fair use doctrine so more people can have access to stuff they need to be creative. The world will see that if they act more freely about the copyright laws that a lot more creative ideas will pop up.

The Tale of Ol Mick (my character)- 3 stars


This is a tale on tapestry of Ol Mick after he started to drink alcohol.

Ol Mick used to be a brave warrior and he would never fail to find the culprit of the crime. This was until he he regularly visited bars and started to get drunk every night. He had fun for a little bit while he could still control when he got drunk until he stopped being able to control it. Then he started to mess up at work and would fail getting the culprit. This put him into a state of depression which one day he hopes to get out of.