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Taco Bell + DelTaco- 4 (1/2) stars

What happens when you combine Taco Bell with dell taco?

This assignment really tested my creativity. I took a while trying to come up with a combination of restaurants that would be humorous but couldn’t find two logos that had to do with the same food and looked like they could actually be together. That was until I was searching through Google images of Taco Bell and came across DelTaco. I cropped out the bottom of the Taco Bell logo and the top of the DelTaco logo to create a merger of the two.


Old Noir Book Cover on Ol Mick- 3 stars

What a book about Ol Mick would look like

For this assignment I had to create a book cover that was noir. I decided to make one about my character Ol Mick who is an alcoholic detective. I tried to make the cover as noir as possible with the black and white, the suit, and the suspenseful facial expression. I imagine that in the book Ol Mick has a case that he messes up because he was drunk then the rest of the book he is trying to avoid alcohol and fix it.


Valentines Day- 3 stars

I love you a latte

In this assignment I had to create my own valentines day card. I decided to get creative and put my own face in it because quite frankly who can resist me? This design has mostly warm colors that represent valentines day with the words “I love You a Latte” as the main attraction. Designing this was pretty easy with word because I know how to wrap text in front of pictures.

Design Blitz

The carpet in my apartment complex is an example of a Balance design principle. Symmetrical balance

This picture is an example of the balance design principle. I see this principle as a design that is neat looking. Something that is either symmetric or asymmetric. My example, which is the carpet outside my door to my apartment complex, is an example of symmetric. I liked this design because when I first moved in it caught my eye, and that is what I think is a purpose of symmetrical balance. For whoever sees it looks at it and thinks about how cool it looks. This is an effective design for balance.

This add for a play I found is a good example of using color to bring out the message in the poster

This picture is an example of the color design principle. To understand the color principle I tried to imagine this picture with no color at all and thought that it would be hard to pick out what is of importance in it. The purple in this brings out the wine glass and the title which shows that that is what the viewer should be paying attention to. The rest is black and white showing less importance. This is an effective design for color.

I believe the cover to American Sniper is a good example of form/function/message because it explains a lot about who Chris Kyle was

The book cover for American Sniper is an example of form/function/message because the cover really does explain what kind of person Chris Kyle was. He was a true American who would die for his country which explains the American flag in the picture. It also shows Chris in his navy seal gear which attributes to the fact that he was a great soldier. The sentence below the title also explains him very well and explains what the book is about by saying he was the deadliest sniper. This is an effective design for form/function/message.

This add I used for an old homework assignment displays dominance by bringing out the words NO MORE WAR

This picture is an example of the dominance design principle. It is clear what dominates in this design and it is the statement no more war. This is an effective design because viewers who are interested in that topic will be drawn in by that statement.


Lebowski Review

The space in The Big Lebowski has a ghettoish feel. Everywhere the dude went was an ugly broken part of Los Angeles (except for the other Lebowskis house). This helps frame the design of this film by whoever created the design had to focus on this ghettoish type. They gave the dude a crappy car and he went to a trashy bowling alley and the dude lived in an ugly house. These design aspects explain the noir that is in this film very well.

Another example of noir in this film would be how almost every time there was some sort of suspense involving the dude it was at night. And it was usually secluded part of town where only the dude and the people that were involved in the conflict on the scene. This brings out a sense of unknowing of what the outcome will be which keeps the viewer wanting to watch more.

I would say that the bowling alley could be a noir design that is not specific to a time or place. This is because it is a rundown bowling alley that has guns pulled from patrons in it, and it has a lot more drama that one would expect ever to go down in a bowling alley. It is not specific to a time because it is just a bowling alley and there is the same designed bowling alleys today as the one depicted in the 1990’s.

Vignelli Canon review

After reading The Vignelli Canon I could compare almost everything Vignelli says to computer science. Computer science is using a programming language that uses a computer to solve a certain problem. Being a designer of a program is how Vignelli describes how he designs, and the computer is the audience that is viewing the design. In a computer program the designer must have semantics, which is meaning. Without this the computer will not execute what the designer wants and will be confused as to what the designer is making. Vignelli states that there cannot just be a random slash across a design that has no meaning because the viewer will be confused as to why it is there. The same rule applies in computer science because if there is a random input statement in the middle of a program it will confuse the computer and the computer will output something that the designer was too lazy to fix.

This brings me to another way design is like computer science. The program designer has to worry about two main factors when making a program. These two factors are input and output. If the program designer is lazy and puts in bad input, the output will be ugly. This is how Vignelli describes design. If the designer does not put work into his design the design is useless and shows nothing.

I also learned from the Vignelli Canon that there is great design all around me and I do not even notice it. One piece of design that I took a liking to was the picture of the church pews. I like how it is a bunch of geometric shapes all grouped together that break off into other geometric shapes. The church organ in the back is neat as well by how the cracks make a V-shape. The picture of this church shows that it takes time and patience to get a design to look good and for people to admire it. If there was no design in this picture the pews would be facing any what way and it would not matter what order the organ pipes were in.

And Week 4 is Over

My thoughts on audio storytelling

(I’m posting the links below just in case the hyperlink does not work- I followed the video in the help section exactly)

My daily creates

My ds106 radio bumper

The story of Ol Mick- Audio style -3 1/2 stars

My whistle along - 2 stars

My day in sound effects -3 stars

My talk show idea

This was a very interesting week for me. My friends from high school were always into audio and making cool mash ups of different sounds. Back then I did not know much about it so I could not join in with them. Now I feel like I have a good base for audio correcting and could probably show my friends a few things that they did not know.

I’m not going to lie I had a tough time with comparing the videos in the audio reflection. I would go back and forth between the videos and I could tell they were different but I kept losing track of which was which. The radio show though was a great assignment! I really enjoyed being active with my class mates on twitter and hearing there opinions on the same broadcast that I was listening too.

The daily creates this week were very fun to do as well. I liked how I could be creative with the Budweiser commercial remake and i’d say my  commercial is more sentimental then the actual one. Maybe not but mine would make a grown man cry.

The radio bumper was a fun activity to do as well. I know I am not a professional at making bumpers but I liked how I could hear my bumper on the radio, like it was that good. This assignment did help me figure out how to do audacity a little more and I am grateful for that.

All of my assignment posts help me get more and more used to audacity. I figured out how to mesh to sounds together and created some great mixtures of sound.

Brainstorming radio show ideas was a great work out for my brain. I thought back to all the radio shows I have heard and came up with a great idea.

And last audacity is a great tool to come up with mixtures of sound. I will look forward to getting better at it in the future.

Athletes Backgrounds Talkshow

For a radio talk show I think it would be a good idea to have a show that talks about athletes stats, and there backgrounds. I know that some NFL players have some pretty wild backgrounds and I think it would be cool to talk about those. Maybe if there is nothing to talk about they could air narrations of story’s like the Killers one on ds106 radio. I would personally like to here all the backgrounds and stories of the athletes that play the sports that I enjoy to watch.