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Get A Clue Review

This was a very well put together radio show.  Every characters dialogue was amazing. They each told there stories so well and the background music for each person made it much more interesting to listen too. I really like how this show brought me in and made me think about who killed Lawrence by the things they said about him. If you check out my twitter account (@Cuyler_Matteson) you will see I thought almost every person that talked committed the crime.

There are not many parts of this show that would make me believe this is not a professional radio show, besides some hiccups while talking, but other then that I was entertained the entire time.

Lastly I liked how almost ever action that happened a sound effect came with it. For example when Lawrence died and when the police came. That adds tons of effect to the show.

Wrapping Up Week 8

Radio Show Review

My four inspires

11 stars worth of assignments

Micheal “Ol Mick” Bretton’s gmail and twitter


My ten comments

My daily creates

This week of work was a good hello back from spring break.  It was a lot of writing about past work and looking back on what we did for the first part of the semester.

I listened to maNOIRpulators and I was astonished to how good of a show it was. Great sound affects and I loved seeing everyone elses reaction to the same show I was listening too.

The new  category this week inspire was definitely interesting. I liked going back and finding work that I missed over the course of the first 7 weeks. I got to see how talented everyone was and it was hard to pick just four assignments that inspired me.

I liked being able to choose the category and mixing up what type of assignments I got to do because I will be honest sometimes it is hard to do more then 1 assignment for a particular category.

I have set up my gmail and twitter account for Ol Mick!

I got all my comments done!

The daily and I enjoyed Saturday’s because I got to be creative about my past with music! It made me realize how much I do miss playing the double bass.

Amanda Thacker’s Website Banner- 4th Inspire

This website banner inspires me by the use of color. Ever since we first learned about design elements I have thought that color is the most important design aspect. It really makes the design pop out at the viewer and it draws in more viewers by its colorfullness. The color brings in the viewer then all of the other pieces in the picture make this banner interesting. Like the balls of yarn and the play snake just keeps my eye on this design.

Barbara Hall’s Vocal Trio- Inspire 3

This work inspired me by how hard this assignment is and how close to perfect it is. Everyone taking this class are novices when it comes to this high tech audio equipment. So for Barbara to be that close to sinking her voice using audacity, is a very talented skill and I am impressed with how close it is. I can tell not having the music playing also made it harder so I am overall impressed by this work. It looks like it took a lot of time and effort.

Amanda Thacker’s Multipersonality- 2nd Inspire

This inspired me because of how well Amanda does when she talks in different personalities. When I talk to a microphone I can’t seem to get the words out correctly. I get nervous that I am going to mess up then when I think I do it right I play it back and it sounds awful. I guess I am just not meant to be a radio talk show host but I think Amanda could be one for sure!

Keep Knocking by CodingCrows- 1st inspire

This assignment inspires me because I have not had the easiest time with audio and this theme song is put together so well. After reading the intro to the track and it saying that this is the theme song to Harvey walking around knocking on doors for a living. The theme song had knocking noises the entire time. It also had music that depicted a long country travel. Like to me the music I heard in this theme song was something I would hear in a soundtrack for a movie about a cross country trip.

Ol Mick’s Trip to see Ava Harlowe- 1 1/2 stars

Ava Harlowe and Ol Mick Bretton have been good friends since they were kids. Mick decides to surprise Ava in Los Angeles. His trip starts in Atlanta and Mick hits a few road bumps along the way.

Atlanta to Houston

Mick arrives in Houston, TX after about 11 hours of driving. He gets there and finds out that he forgot to reserve a  hotel room. Mick drives around for about two hours until he finds a cozy little bed and breakfast. He knocks on the door to find out that the owner is a dominatrix and he pays by letting her do whatever she wants to him. Mick decides to not stay in the bed and breakfast and sleeps in his car.

Houston to Albuquerque

The next day Mick gets all the way to Albuquerque when his tire blows out. He has to wait in a pep boys for 3 hours to get a new tire on his car. A huge coincidence happens here when he is given two options to pay. One with standard cash and the other is for the mechanic to dominate him. He pays with money.

Albuquerque to Los Angeles

The next day Mick gets to Los Angele’s just to find out that Ava is visiting family in New York. He is super pissed but decides that there is nothing he can do so he decides to get a hotel. He goes to check in to find the first dominatrix had to move her business to Los Angeles because of the business market. Mick looks in his wallet to pay with standard cash but finds out he spent it all on the new tire. I think you can figure out what happens next. (The safe word was thunderbun)


Stellar Story with Rick Shannon- 3 1/2 stars

For this assignment I had to make a story using the app stellar. The app was very easy to use. I just downloaded it and it gave me a quick tutorial of how to use it. I would recommend to anyone that they should download this app if they want an easy way to make a story.

I was searching through other people in ds106 to find a character to do a story with. I came across Rick Shannon. He is a cop who has had his brother and father killed. My character Ol Mick loves to solve crimes so he took over the case of finding out who killed Shannon’s blood line. Mick being the super detective that he is finds the guy and puts him in jail.

Valentines Day Card from Ol Mick to Blair- 3 stars

Ok Micks love letter to Blair.

For this assignment I had to create a funny valentines day card. I recalled that during my radio show mine and  Mia Boleis’s characters flirted. So I came up with the idea of Micheal Bretton asking out Blair. This scenario works because Ol Mick is a detective and Blair is a crime scene investigator so the two would be spending time together.

Using photo shop I created the flower backgrounds and added text to the middle. It took a while to find a good valentines background in photo shop but I finally came across the flowers.

Warning Poster Assignment- 3 stars

Look out for billy steel. He's dangerous.

For this assignment Brian Burns and I got together and worked on a visual assignment. This assignment was to create a warning poster for something dangerous. Burns character is Billy Steel who is a vigilante and my character (Micheal Bretton) is a detective. We discussed what we could do for this assignment  and we thought about how a vigilante could be trouble to a detective. So this poster is a warning poster posted by Micheal Bretton trying to capture Billy Steel.

We played around with photo shop to create this poster. It took a while to get the perfect font for the “WARNING” but we finally agreed on one.