Noir Likes the 1950’s

I decided to watch Killers Kiss and He Walked by Night for my two film climatology reviews. Both of these films had great examples of what I learned about photography and scene catching. Two examples are below of still captures that really attracted me to the  screen.

This shot of Killers Kiss is interesting because it has you focused on many things at once

This picture from Killers Kiss is noir because of the whole scandalous and unclear motives of the two men. The one going to talk to Gloria is obviously up to something and you have to wonder what the one smoking the cigarette is thinking. I like the the watch your step sign because it is ironic in the way that the sign is meant so people do not get hurt even though the two men’s plan is to kill Davey.

A shot from He Walked by Night

This still capture is a good example of noir due to the gun and the poorly lighten atmosphere. I think if this was a still picture this would intrigue me because of the dark sense and that there is a gun pointed somewhere on the screen.


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  1. Do you find some repetitiveness in the themes? I notices that if the film or reading is about love, there seems to always be a love triangle. Another thing I noticed is that it’s quite obvious when someone is going to

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