Reviews on these Dark Readings

The Postman Always Rings Twice

After reading The Postman Always Rings twice I can’t help but hope I find the right women in my life.  The entire time reading I could not help but think of what Frank could have tried to do instead of murdering the Greek. I say Frank because I caught Cora changing her mind a lot, for example when she decides to go back to Nick Papadakis after the “bathroom slipping” incident (quotes because they were trying to kill Nick by saying he fell but really Cora hit him and there was a power outage). Ever since that moment everything seemed to turn down hill. Frank and Cora finally do murder Nick by faking a car accident and it seems like their relationship is strongly affected by this encounter. It is of course with all the court procedures, then Coras death, then Frank being convicted for killing Cora.

Over all this is a very dark work of literature. I think this dark tone is first set when Nick leaves then all of a sudden Frank is biting Cora’s lip. The entire time they never seem to talk about a happy future, just that Cora does not want Frank to work some bland job and Frank wants to make sure Cora never has to go back to the hash house of which she left quickly once she found the Greek.

This story is noir because of the evil characters that are Nick and Cora. Cora would literally kill her husband just to be with Nick and make Nick kill the Greek. That would take some dark minds to think of that plan.

The Shadow, script for the Death Triangle episode

This was a very interesting read. With the constant organ playing and laughing it seemed like a soap opera. Definitely a mystery because the entire time the reader is trying to figure out who this Corvet guy is.

I liked this story because of the plot twist that comes in the end. The plot has the reader thinking that Corvet has shown up at the house and they will all die starting with Dubrille because he is the one by himself. Then it turns out it was Martan in a wig pretending to be Corvet, because he wanted to kill Dubrille (for ratting him out on Devils Island) and Evans (because he has success).

The reader waits the entire book just to find out that Corvet is dead. Which was a good ending a closure for wanting to find out where Corvet was and how he was going to show up.

On another note Shadow was a good add to the story to basically explain to the characters and audience what was going on.

This narration is noir because of the mystery it brings to the readers mind.

The Killers, Ernest Hemingway

I would define the writing style of this story as suspenseful. The entire time I was reading I was wondering when Ole Anderson was going to walk in and get shot up. I also felt that Al and Max were about to shoot George, Nick, or the cook because they knew too much.

Towards the end of the story when Nick is Talking to Ole Anderson is when the story turns sad. Hemingway describes this old beaten down man who knows he does not have long to live. Then this man influences Nick so much that Nick decides to move out of the town because he cannot handle it.

This story is noir because of the murder talks that are going on. Also the whole time I was reading I was in suspense because at any time Al or Max could have killed anyone and to me it seemed like that was going to happen.

Dopamine Agonistes

This is a noir story based on the fact of the amount of problems the women in the casino has. She had sex with a complete stranger just for some more money to gamble and left her kid in a locked car.

On the other hand Lorne is not a perfect soul when he cheats on his wife and betrays his family. I do think he had better intentions than the lady by bringing the kid to get food and take care of necessities but he did get a little carried away.


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