She’s Dead Isn’t She- 4 stars

For this assignment I had to make a mash-up of sounds and make something scary. Using freesound I imported all my sounds and I would say I did a pretty good job. Making this mash-up I learned how to move audio from a place to another place so I can get my audio in the perfect spot. This was a big help in creating and it will help for future assignments as well.

3 thoughts on “She’s Dead Isn’t She- 4 stars

  1. So I could totally see this being an opener for like a demon possession satanic horror movie. Which leaves me thinking the girl is possessed and blacked out and did something bad. What exactly “didn’t” she do?

  2. I have to say, I wasn’t sure where you were going with this at the beginning, but it just kept building up to the point where I was very startled/scared at the end. I think you did a heck of a job.

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