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Burtis Interviewing Ol Mick

First off my video uploaded to my normal account not the one I use for ds106 so make sure you don’t try to go to my you tube account cause you wont be able to find the video and secondly I used a movie editor app that didn’t tell me until I uploaded that it was going to place a sticker at the bottom of the screen. Besides these two technical difficulties I hope you enjoy my interview.


Week 10 Daily Creates

My first daily create  was to create a drawing of Batman. As you can see I am not the most artistic person in the world but I think you can at least tell it is Batman. I uploaded it to flickr and you can see the finished product below.

My 15 second batman

My second daily create I was very confused as you can probably tell. I was supposed to find my most hated colour in my neighborhood. I did not know what the definition of colour was so I looked at the example given by the daily create page and what I came up with is the video below. These lamps are all lamps that are outside my residence hall.

My last daily create for this week I told a story about talking to a stranger. My story is about me helping an elderly lady getting a trash can off of her. Check it out in the link below or read it below that.

One summer day my friend and I were riding bikes around our neighborhood. We heard a distant yell “Can you help me? Help me please!” We looked down the street to see an elderly women with a trash can on top of her from her feet to her waist. We raced over and took it off her then helped her up. She thanked us and told us that we were nice boys.

Noir Not the Father: The Reunion (2nd week progress)

This week my friends from the radio show Noir Not the Father got together to shoot our video show of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion. Making this video was definitely an experience. We got together in the DKC studio and filmed our show in front of a green screen. Honestly I had no idea using a green screen was so easy. It made me think how overpaid some of the film artists are in Hollywood. Although, shooting the show was a mess. I almost fought Billy Steel AGAIN. He just drives me up a wall. Blair gets in the middle of things like she loves to do. Jack was pretty funny on the show. It has been a blast getting wasted with him at BARbarians. After the show we all had to get together and edit it. This took a very long time but i’ll give props to Blair for doing most of the editing work on the main video while the rest of us made commercials and intro’s and such. The video is not completely up yet but it will be soon!

Here are some tweets during shooting.


Not A Video Essay

I must apologize for this but I could not get my computer to work for the video essay, it kept freezing and restarted it twice when I tried to download 4k video downloader. so I am going to have to rely on this post for my applying new knowledge video essay.

I watched Kiss me deadly and the scene where Mike beats up the attacker who was trying to kill him. I like this scene because it brings great suspense when the man is following Mike, and when he finally attacks him Mike beats the shit out of him. I also noticed that the more powerful character is on the right, (like from our reading) which is the attacker because he has the upper hand, until Mike starts beating him up then he is on the right because he is more powerful.

Wrapping Up Week 9

My review of the radio show Get A Clue

My final reflection on Noir not the father

My daily creates

My video essay (I apologize for the poor work)

Week one planning of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion

link to my character category

This weeks new concept of video was quit a work load.

First on Tuesday I listened to Get A Clue and tweeted along to it. I enjoyed this show a lot and liked how easy it was to pay attention and know what was going on.

Next I posted my final reflection on my radio show. It was a good oppurtunity to look back and think of all the work I put into the radio show and that it paid off!

The second daily create I did this week was a bit confusing because I had no idea how to make a video letter but I found a cool concept of how to make a Star Wars intro letter and I had fun with it.

Again I apologize for this post. I could not figure out the video essay stuff and I waited to long to work on this assignment.

Getting back together with my group was a blast and I can’t wait to get back together next week to film Noir Not the Father: The Reunion.

I have created my character category and you can find the link to it above!

My trailer for groups video show!


Week 1 of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion

This week I met with the same group of people that I did my radio show with. We decided to make a video show of the same concept as Noir Not the Father. After discussing for a little bit we decided to make a show about our characters getting back together for a reunion after the epic radio show that Billy Steel confessed to the murder and Jack was the baby daddy. So this video show will be what are characters have been up too since. After we decided this we all started working on our trailers. Check my trailer out below!


Final Noir Not the Father Reflection

Listening to Noir Not the Father live on ds106radio was an awesome experience! I enjoyed it because my group put in so much effort and it was nice hearing our finished product. I also liked being on twitter when our show was being aired and seeing everyone’s thoughts on what was going on. There was no bad criticism I saw so that showed me that we did a good job. It was funny seeing tweets about people wondering what was happening because I knew they were going to be stunned at the twists! If I had to make any changes to our shows I would probably spend a little more time putting sound affects into it that sounded like they belong. The other groups I listened to were very good and I would like to get some advice on how they mixed them in so well. I enjoyed meeting and collaborating with a group the best about this project because that makes working a whole lot easier. The hardest thing about this project would be the planning. It took a lot of time getting all of our thoughts together and coming up with a good script. For future ds106ers I would say to not underestimate how much time it takes to make a good show!

If you missed our show listen to it below!


Week 9 Daily Creates

My first daily create this week I had to make and record an audio of a poem about how I feel about rain. I did not have a chance the day before to make the poem so I had to do both for this daily create. I recorded directly to sound cloud and it took me about three takes. Check it out!

For my second daily create I had to make a video letter to my future self. I thought about how to convey a letter through video so I thought about how the star wars intro looked like a letter. I couldn’t find an app to make this so I had to look on the internet to find a Star Wars intro maker. After searching a while I found one and created my letter to me!


Get A Clue Review

This was a very well put together radio show.  Every characters dialogue was amazing. They each told there stories so well and the background music for each person made it much more interesting to listen too. I really like how this show brought me in and made me think about who killed Lawrence by the things they said about him. If you check out my twitter account (@Cuyler_Matteson) you will see I thought almost every person that talked committed the crime.

There are not many parts of this show that would make me believe this is not a professional radio show, besides some hiccups while talking, but other then that I was entertained the entire time.

Lastly I liked how almost ever action that happened a sound effect came with it. For example when Lawrence died and when the police came. That adds tons of effect to the show.

Wrapping Up Week 8

Radio Show Review

My four inspires

11 stars worth of assignments

Micheal “Ol Mick” Bretton’s gmail and twitter


My ten comments

My daily creates

This week of work was a good hello back from spring break.  It was a lot of writing about past work and looking back on what we did for the first part of the semester.

I listened to maNOIRpulators and I was astonished to how good of a show it was. Great sound affects and I loved seeing everyone elses reaction to the same show I was listening too.

The new  category this week inspire was definitely interesting. I liked going back and finding work that I missed over the course of the first 7 weeks. I got to see how talented everyone was and it was hard to pick just four assignments that inspired me.

I liked being able to choose the category and mixing up what type of assignments I got to do because I will be honest sometimes it is hard to do more then 1 assignment for a particular category.

I have set up my gmail and twitter account for Ol Mick!

I got all my comments done!

The daily and I enjoyed Saturday’s because I got to be creative about my past with music! It made me realize how much I do miss playing the double bass.