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Commercial That Describes Ol Mick- 2 stars

This assignment was a bit tricky because I had to search through you tube a lot to find a commercial that would work without the video to go along with the audio. I did this by listening and not watching the screen. After I found the right audio I converted it to audio only using you tube to MP3 then put it on audacity. After that I put it on sound cloud and made a post.

Ol Mick’s Emotions Through Sounds- 3 stars

The emotion I am trying to convey in this post is a relaxed feel until Ol Mick drinks too much. From the beginning up until the puke the feel is calm with what seems like a pre party environment. The band is tuning up and everyone is having slow conversation until Ol Mick breaks the calmness.

To make this I first downloaded crowded bar noise which set the environment for the calm, relaxed feel.  Then I downloaded a beat that sounded like a guitar tuning which set the environment for the band getting ready to perform that night. Then I got the sound of Ol Mick laughing which is a pretty heavy laugh which shows that he is having maybe a little bit too much fun, which then becomes evident when he becomes sick which was the last sound I downloaded.

So in conclusion these sounds make a relaxed feel but since my character is such a drunk he ruins the calm.

She’s Dead Isn’t She- 4 stars

For this assignment I had to make a mash-up of sounds and make something scary. Using freesound I imported all my sounds and I would say I did a pretty good job. Making this mash-up I learned how to move audio from a place to another place so I can get my audio in the perfect spot. This was a big help in creating and it will help for future assignments as well.

Me Trying to Whistle- 2 Stars

This assignment was also a bit tricky haha. I’m not the best whistler in the world but I believe you can still tell what song this is. When I was doing this assignment I definitely started to get more used to audacity. I knew exactly what to do when I was recording and I exported it quickly. (and just a hint to what the song is, it is by a band that rhymes with mascal patts) hopefully that doesn’t give it away.

The Story of Ol Mick. Just Sound Effects- 3 1/2 Stars

This assignment was very challenging. I had a very hard time trying to figure out how to mesh my sounds up nicely but I finally got it to work. This story is Ol Mick is fighting bad guys with loud machine guns and explosions and then finally it ends. After the fight he goes to a bar where he gets wasted. At the bar he picks the wrong girl to flirt with and gets slapped hard. Out of embarrassment he goes home and starts to cry.

My Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

In both you tube clips of Touch of Evil Opening music is played as the couple walks through the street. Although in the restored version the audio does not have as big of a part as the no-restored version. In the restored version the music is softer and in the no-restored one it is loud and you can tell of it’s presence. Also in the restored version the street sound is louder and in the no-restored version it blends into the music. The sounds these scenes make drive the stories by building up to the explosion. I think it is good music for an event like this one when the viewer knows what is going to happen but the characters do not. It makes the mood suspenseful because you know what is going to happen as well and the same music is played even when the two characters walk past the car with the bomb in it multiple times.

In The Ambience of Film Noir I thought it was interesting how sound has evolved in films since the 1930’s. I like how Hollywood studios learned to put background sound into their films and that that added effect to the film. These sounds can drive stories in a way that the sound made, like a whistle from a traffic controller, can make the situation clearer of what is actually happening in the scene. This also helps because the background sound can create atmosphere and a setting of the scene so the viewer can get a better understanding of where it is taking place.

I really enjoyed the live tweet along on ds106 radio. The sound effects of the twist off from the killers made listening to the story interesting. The music in this story is also something I enjoyed. It would play suspenseful music during the breaks that would keep you entertained. The spin off from the lunar landing was also very neat. I liked how I could imagine these two astronauts talking as they are about to die. I got into this story and I almost believed that is what actually happened up there.

I like is paragraph in The Ambience of Film Noir about background sound