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The Unusual Superhero- 2 points

The Pooper Scooper

This super hero has the power to control everyone’s poop so he can make any villain poop on command. He helps fight crime for instance if there was a hostage situation, the Pooper Scooper will run in and make the villains defecate in their pants. This of course altering their ability to keep keeping hostages so that is when swat takes over.

The Pooper Scooper was given these powers because he was born in Toiletville, Nebraska. A town that is underground and only people with Pooper Scoopers powers can live. Pooper Scooper was brought up to the earth when a sewer system blew up on top of his house. It killed his entire family but he was stuck on the face of the earth and now he fights crime.

Alternate Ending to The Shadow- 3 points


Shadow- Everything, Dr. Evans. Your escape from Devil’s Island after Dubrill’s betrayal of Martan, that resulted in hundred lashes. His resolve for vengeance. From the authorities of Devil’s Island, I learned the truth about Corvet’s … last escape.

Evans- Yes? Yes, I see now why he hated us. But what about Corvet?

Shadow- I knew he would not strike here tonight.

Evans- What? How did you know this? Why did you not tell us?

Shadow- I knew of Martan’s plan and I needed to let it turn out the way it did. To protect you.

Evans- Why are you protecting me?

Shadow- There’s no time to talk about that. You need to go.

Evans- Why?

Shadow- Corvet is on his way here. I do not know how he knows of your presence here, but his is certainly here to kill you.

Evans- Ok, I will leave now!

Corvet- EVANS!!!!

Evans- Oh no, it’s too late. Shadow, what do I do?

Corvet- There you are. Now I finally get to kill you.

Evans- Shadow please help!

Corvet- You fool, I bet you are wondering how I got here. Well let’s just say I have a special friend who told me where you three would be.

Evans- Shadow?

Corvet- Well yes…. Hahah I am Shadow.

Evans- But how? But why? There’s no way.

Corvet- Luckily those two other idiots are already dead. Now it’s time for you to die.

Shadow- Goodbye Evans