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Ol Mick

The Story of Ol Mick. Just Sound Effects- 3 1/2 Stars

This assignment was very challenging. I had a very hard time trying to figure out how to mesh my sounds up nicely but I finally got it to work. This story is Ol Mick is fighting bad guys with loud machine guns and explosions and then finally it ends. After the fight he goes to a bar where he gets wasted. At the bar he picks the wrong girl to flirt with and gets slapped hard. Out of embarrassment he goes home and starts to cry.

What’s in Ol Mick’s Backpack- 3 points

Ol Mick's backpack

This is Ol Mick’s bag. As you know he is very much an alcoholic, so the tequila in his bag is a must. The blender and blending cup is just in case he gets sick of plain tequila and wants to make a mixed drink.

He has  his  black folder which is a journal for  crime investigations and his green journal which is a day to day/event to event kind of deal. Last he has his wallet and keys. The wallet is an essential artifact in his bag because it has his ID and money to purchase more alcohol. The keys he rarely gets to use because he is usually to drunk to drive.

My Character Dossier- Micheal Bretton

Micheal Bretton, A 40 year old detective who will not stop at anything to take down the bad guy who live in Atlanta. That is unless he is too drunk. After his wife left him he started to pick up heavy drinking and smoking. Ol Mick (nickname) see’s his drinking and smoking as not a problem but a phase he is going through to help him get over his wife. She left with his one boy and never lets him see the kid. Mick’s wife left him because she thought he cared more about work then he did her. Which was almost true but now Mick is happiest when he is working and helping make Atlanta a safer place.

Ol Mick is Balding so he always wears a hat. Does not like to wear anything but a bland suit. Wears dark big framed glasses. Although his drinking is a problem he always seems to bring in the bad guys.

His favorite food is Lasagna, his favorite drink is Bud Light, blue is his favorite color, He likes to read The Hardy Boys on his free time. His favorite movie is A Few Good Men and he has a crazy obsession with his gun.

As Ol Mick likes to state “Crime never stops. So neither will I.”