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Week 11 Daily Creates

My first daily create this week was a happy birthday wish to Maggie Black. I created this using a template from word and added a noir cat to make this more ds106.

Happy Birthday maggie!

My second daily create was to take a photo of umbrella art. I got the idea that umbrellas are used to  block sunlight sometimes and so do blinds so I thought it was clever for an umbrella to take over the blinds job.

An umbrella doing the blinds job

I uploaded these photos to flickr and embedded them into this post.

Week 10 Daily Creates

My first daily create  was to create a drawing of Batman. As you can see I am not the most artistic person in the world but I think you can at least tell it is Batman. I uploaded it to flickr and you can see the finished product below.

My 15 second batman

My second daily create I was very confused as you can probably tell. I was supposed to find my most hated colour in my neighborhood. I did not know what the definition of colour was so I looked at the example given by the daily create page and what I came up with is the video below. These lamps are all lamps that are outside my residence hall.

My last daily create for this week I told a story about talking to a stranger. My story is about me helping an elderly lady getting a trash can off of her. Check it out in the link below or read it below that.

One summer day my friend and I were riding bikes around our neighborhood. We heard a distant yell “Can you help me? Help me please!” We looked down the street to see an elderly women with a trash can on top of her from her feet to her waist. We raced over and took it off her then helped her up. She thanked us and told us that we were nice boys.

Week 9 Daily Creates

My first daily create this week I had to make and record an audio of a poem about how I feel about rain. I did not have a chance the day before to make the poem so I had to do both for this daily create. I recorded directly to sound cloud and it took me about three takes. Check it out!

For my second daily create I had to make a video letter to my future self. I thought about how to convey a letter through video so I thought about how the star wars intro looked like a letter. I couldn’t find an app to make this so I had to look on the internet to find a Star Wars intro maker. After searching a while I found one and created my letter to me!


Week 8 Daily Creates

Different sides of me

My first daily create for this week was to make a collage of pictures for different sides of me. The picture on the top left is me jumping on my bed which is what I do sometimes when I am bored. The one on the bottom left is me at the beach relaxing. The middle picture is me in a pancake suit for Halloween. On the top right the picture is me being mad which happens sometimes but not very often. Lastly the picture on the bottom right is me going to prom. I take any chance I can get to dress up nice.


My favorite moment of last week was getting to sleep in my own bed

My next daily create is my favorite moment of the past week. It was spring break so what I liked the most about being home was being able to sleep in my own bed. I had to look up some examples of what abstract meant but I think I display it in my bed sheets. This took me a while because I am not the best artist in the world. I had to look up a picture of a bed and trace it off of my computer screen.

Double Bass: My Love for Music

It sets the tone, like it is the pilot

I feel in charge when I play

We prepared for our spring concert every may

First chair bassist is where I was

And to this day I say it is because

The double bass gave me my love


My last daily create I made a poem about how music has changed my life. In middle school I was apart of the orchestra and I played the biggest instrument the double bass. This instrument made the deepest noise I have ever heard and it made me enjoy listening to  music and even to today I find myself keeping the beat to the bass while everyone else is normal and hears the main instruments.

Week 7 Daily Creates

Deep Space 106

This daily create was about turning ds into deep space. It was fun creating this because I got to be creative and use the noir cat. It was also fun to create because I made the noir cat sucked up into the ship from Independence Day.

A unique heel concept

This daily create took some time just because I had to figure out what to use for my picture. I couldn’t find anything until I came upon this tissue box. I thought what else better to use for a shoe then a tissue box and a glass cup! Man was it comfy to walk in!

My last daily create I had to make a scary movie trailer. I came up with the idea of my trailer from the hit horror movies paranormal activity. I used my roommates toaster to create Toasternormal activity. I hope you enjoy!