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Wrapping Up Week 11

Link to my agencies website

My resume- 3 stars (web assignment)

Noir Not the Father Personality Quiz- 2 stars (web assignment)

Blood Be gone warning poster- 3 stars

No Stain No Problem’s Todo list- 2 stars

My two daily creates

My ten comments

This week the main focus was to get with our groups and to form our agency. My group, who are the same rascals from Noir Not the Father, have joined to make an agency which cleans up bloody messes called No Stain No Problem. We specialize in any activity that has to do with cleaning up a murder. Check out our sight (link at the top) if you want to contact us.

For the assignments this week we had to create 10 stars worth of assignments and 5 of which had to be web. I liked doing the web assignments because I enjoy using programs that people create to make my own project.

The daily creates were neat this week because they got to be personal. I would never of known that it was Black’s birthday but i’m glad I got to wish her a happy birthday.

Got my ten comments this week! Check em out!

Wrapping Up Week 10

Video show progress for week two

Our finished video show

My interview with Burtis

The video of my interview just in case you can’t get to that page

My agency decision

My three daily creates

My ten comments

1)The highlight of this week is my group finishing up our video show Noir Not the Father: The Reunion.  Making this was a blast! Getting together with my group and collaborating in a room is one of my favorite ways to learn. I got to learn how to use a green screen which is an awesome piece of technology.

2)The video interview was interesting and I enjoyed answering the questions. I like to edit videos as well so mixing in the two videos was a blast.

3)Cuyler Matteson is gone and Micheal “Ol Mick” Bretton is here to stay.

4)Me and my group decided to form a agency!

5)Daily creates were interesting and by that I mean the colour one confused the hell out of me.

6)Made all ten comments

Wrapping Up Week 9

My review of the radio show Get A Clue

My final reflection on Noir not the father

My daily creates

My video essay (I apologize for the poor work)

Week one planning of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion

link to my character category

This weeks new concept of video was quit a work load.

First on Tuesday I listened to Get A Clue and tweeted along to it. I enjoyed this show a lot and liked how easy it was to pay attention and know what was going on.

Next I posted my final reflection on my radio show. It was a good oppurtunity to look back and think of all the work I put into the radio show and that it paid off!

The second daily create I did this week was a bit confusing because I had no idea how to make a video letter but I found a cool concept of how to make a Star Wars intro letter and I had fun with it.

Again I apologize for this post. I could not figure out the video essay stuff and I waited to long to work on this assignment.

Getting back together with my group was a blast and I can’t wait to get back together next week to film Noir Not the Father: The Reunion.

I have created my character category and you can find the link to it above!

My trailer for groups video show!


Wrapping Up Week 8

Radio Show Review

My four inspires

11 stars worth of assignments

Micheal “Ol Mick” Bretton’s gmail and twitter


My ten comments

My daily creates

This week of work was a good hello back from spring break.  It was a lot of writing about past work and looking back on what we did for the first part of the semester.

I listened to maNOIRpulators and I was astonished to how good of a show it was. Great sound affects and I loved seeing everyone elses reaction to the same show I was listening too.

The new  category this week inspire was definitely interesting. I liked going back and finding work that I missed over the course of the first 7 weeks. I got to see how talented everyone was and it was hard to pick just four assignments that inspired me.

I liked being able to choose the category and mixing up what type of assignments I got to do because I will be honest sometimes it is hard to do more then 1 assignment for a particular category.

I have set up my gmail and twitter account for Ol Mick!

I got all my comments done!

The daily and I enjoyed Saturday’s because I got to be creative about my past with music! It made me realize how much I do miss playing the double bass.

Week 7, See Ya

My groups completed radio show

Here is a link to my week 2 of the radio show’s progress

My ten comments!

My daily creates

This week was a lot different then most weeks. This is because we got to form groups and make radio shows. I was surprised to find out that making the radio show with my group took up about the same amount of time as did a normal week for ds106. It is like our teachers planned it that way or something!

The main assignment we had to create this week was the radio show. I had a blast making Noir Not the Father with my group and found that I was use to using audacity because of my past with audio in this class. The rest of my group members also had this skill so putting this radio show together was a piece of cake.

The daily creates this week were very interesting. The one that was the most complicated was the one where I had to make ds into deep space. I had some trouble designing it but once I figured it out I had some fun with it. I thought it would be a good input if I put a noir cat into it being sucked up by a space ship. I had the most fun making the video for the scary movie trailor. When I was thinking about a scary movie I thought of Paranormal activity, so I decided to make a spoof trailor of this and came up with Toasternormal activity.

Wrapping Up Week 6

radio show progress

radio show design project

my 10 comments

10 stars of audio assignments

4 stars

1 1/2 stars

3 stars (character)

2 stars (character)

This week was a little different from the past weeks we have had. We had to get into a group and start getting together a radio show. So far my group is going great and we have everything organized and are off on a good start to finish the radio show by next week. I am looking forward to Noir Not the Father to be a finished product.

Designing my poster for Noir Not the Father was tricky due to the fact that I could not figure out how to download gimp. I had to use another design website but I got what I was looking for out of it. Some day this week I will try to get into the DKC to get some help with gimp.

Once again the radio listen along was a blast! I like the seeing all of the other students participating on twitter along with me and I enjoyed commenting with them on our thoughts.

The commenting was a little more then I was used to but now I know how much I should be commenting and will keep that up in the future.

I had some trouble with the audio assignments because it is hard to find audio that goes along with my character.


Wrapping Up Week 5

My reflection on Vignelli Canon

The Big Lewboski review

Design blitz

3 daily creates

Valentines day card- 3 stars

Self made book cover- 3 stars (my character)

Chain restaurant mix up- 4 1/2 stars

The tale of Ol Mick- 3 stars (my character)

Copyright laws reflection

As I wrap up week 5 I can’t help but think of all the elements of design there are that I have always just skimmed by without thinking twice about. This week has gotten me to look at those design aspects and appreciate them more.

The Vignelli Cannon introduced me to some of these new design aspects and started my thinking of how design is playing a big part in the world around me. I liked the picture of plates that was in the book that were stacked up and I thought to myself how neat looking and convenient that is.

I decided to review The Big Lebowski for my film review. This movie was definitely one of the most interesting films I have ever seen. Every scene something unsuspecting happened and it made me look more into the noir and how it plays a role in design.

I think the design blitz was one of the more challenging projects I have had to do for this class. Finding the perfect capture was difficult especially when I kept having to refer back to the noir 106 page to find out more about the concepts of design.

I enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! I liked that I had a chance to get very creative and one of my favorite creates would have to be the one I did with my hand. I felt like an artist after that one.

My enjoyment of the daily creates carried over to the assignment bank this week. I really enjoyed getting creative and working with pictures, meshing them all up to get the perfect design I wanted.

Reading the copyright laws, I agree with how they are unfair and should be more acceptable to use other peoples work. They are really destroying some creative ideas out there.

And Week 4 is Over

My thoughts on audio storytelling

(I’m posting the links below just in case the hyperlink does not work- I followed the video in the help section exactly)

My daily creates

My ds106 radio bumper

The story of Ol Mick- Audio style -3 1/2 stars

My whistle along - 2 stars

My day in sound effects -3 stars

My talk show idea

This was a very interesting week for me. My friends from high school were always into audio and making cool mash ups of different sounds. Back then I did not know much about it so I could not join in with them. Now I feel like I have a good base for audio correcting and could probably show my friends a few things that they did not know.

I’m not going to lie I had a tough time with comparing the videos in the audio reflection. I would go back and forth between the videos and I could tell they were different but I kept losing track of which was which. The radio show though was a great assignment! I really enjoyed being active with my class mates on twitter and hearing there opinions on the same broadcast that I was listening too.

The daily creates this week were very fun to do as well. I liked how I could be creative with the Budweiser commercial remake and i’d say my  commercial is more sentimental then the actual one. Maybe not but mine would make a grown man cry.

The radio bumper was a fun activity to do as well. I know I am not a professional at making bumpers but I liked how I could hear my bumper on the radio, like it was that good. This assignment did help me figure out how to do audacity a little more and I am grateful for that.

All of my assignment posts help me get more and more used to audacity. I figured out how to mesh to sounds together and created some great mixtures of sound.

Brainstorming radio show ideas was a great work out for my brain. I thought back to all the radio shows I have heard and came up with a great idea.

And last audacity is a great tool to come up with mixtures of sound. I will look forward to getting better at it in the future.

3rd Week is Over

I thought about the visuals of storytelling

I reflected on Killers Kiss and He Walked By Night

My photo safari

dramatic use of distinct shadows

Dramatic use of a distinct shadow

lighting from one side

Lighting from one side selfie

off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing

Not how I would watch tv

the “Venetian blind” effect

A "Venetian blind" effect

sense of drama and/or moodiness

Brian Burns is looking moody because he doesn't have the controller to play wii

My daily creates for the week

Whats in Ol Micks backpack- 3 stars

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost (Added Picture)-3 stars

Ol Mick’s Notes to self – 2 stars

Unsuspecting Friends – 2 stars

Two examples of me participating

This week I dove into the art of photography.  It started out neat with the introduction of how  to make good pictures. I  learned how to make a picture more interesting by putting an artifact in the middle of the picture, or somewhere will it will catch the viewers eye, in order to get the viewer to look more deeply at that photo. I also learned that it may take time to capture a good photo. Like the picture with the soldiers working out he waited for the exact time for there to be breaks or holes in the workout from the viewpoint of the camera.

I also watched some interesting noir fims that really jump on the idea of noir. The detective with the black hats and criminals with guns that make you question what they are going to do. Also in these films it showed me how the director uses camera angles to capture the perfect shot to keep the viewer entertained.

Making the photo safari was a lot of fun by exploring all different camera angles and getting the perfect one. I felt like a real life photographer and let me tell you I have a lot of pictures that I did not use.

The daily creates were interesting this week with all kinds of fun artistic things I could do. I personally enjoyed making the 2048 game the most.

The visual assignments were fun as well by really testing my brain to figure out creative ways to  make those photos appeal to the viewer.

I also enjoy the blog changes we have been instructed to do and keep doing. I think this is a wonderful skill to know and I will look forward to learning more wordpress and using it in the future.

2nd Week in Review

My review to some noir readings

My Character Dossier introduction

Alternate ending to The Shadow writing assignment

Renegade teacher writing assignment

The unusual superhero writing assignment

My three daily creates this week

Look I participated!

Week Summary

This week I read some noir which included The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Killers, The Shadow, Dopamine Agonistes. These readings were all very interesting. Interesting enough that I did not care how long they took to read. I thought I would be pissed off the entire I was reading but the entire time I didn’t want to look away from the screen because they were such well written stories

I also created a character this week that is a detective who is addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. I also used him for a story that he was rude to some kids him. I looked forward to using Ol Mick later in the semester.

I was introduced into the writing assignments this week. This was very amusing to me because one thing I do not like about school is that I do not get to chose my assignments. I liked how there were a lot of options that I could do and one that I thought would be interesting to write about. The website that taught me how to do these writing assignments was very helpful as well.

I like the daily creates for the same reason I liked the writing assignment. That I could chose what day I wanted to do if I did not feel like doing the one for that day. These also went quick and really opened up my mind for creative thoughts.

Customizing my blog was an eyeopener and introduced me to a lot of new features of word press. After completing this step I felt a lot more confident working in word press. I saw that there are a bunch of more themes I can do and I will definitely be changing up my blog from time to time. And now anybody can learn who I am when they visit my about page. Downloading the plugins were kind of a challenge but I figured it out, and I will be quick on moderating comments now that I know how to do it. I also have changed my blog title to The Mind of Cuyler Matteson because everyone wants to get to know me LOL.

In conclusion I commented on some peoples blogs and used twitter some this week. I posted some examples of me participating and will continue for the rest of the semester.