Why does this cat keep showing up- week 12

The case in Harrison

Getting all of these calls that could be possible cases for me to solve is kind of a bummer. I see a whole bunch of evidence that I could use to find the killers at these murders, but I signed up for this job and boy let me tell you it pays a whole lot better than the Atlanta police department did. Anyways I wanted to elaborate on our most recent clean up. We get a call from a man who wants to remain anonymous (which about 95% of the time means that he/she is the killer) about a cleanup in Harrison, Idaho. It was such a small town that looked very peaceful. I hated it. I miss city life and coming to towns like these make me home sick. At least Blair is here to keep me from going crazy.

We arrived on the scene and the blood was everywhere but there was nobody to be found. Of course it is not my job to solve murders anymore so I stayed out of the room. My job was to go to the police department to make sure they were not wondering why we were there and to make sure there is not a missing persons file. Using my old badge I got past the front desk and snooped around the back room to see if there was anything about this case. I found nothing and then asked one of the officers about are group and he had no idea. This was a pretty slack force but I guess it makes since since it is such a small town. Maybe the next clean up there will be something more interesting for me to do. I returned to the group when Blair handed me black cat hair. I looked at it for a bit but didn’t care any to look into it.

The case in Tecolotito

So our most recent cleanup is in Tecolotito, NM, pop 232, which I don’t know why, but all of our cases seem to be in very small towns. Makes me want to go back to my old profession as a cop in Atlanta. I always found that whenever a murder went unsolved we would always look into murders that happened in small towns to try and link the two crimes. I don’t know why some murders think they are safe in these small towns to keep on killing, but they always get caught. Anyways we ended up finding 13 cat bowls at this clean up, but there was only 12 cats. I don’t really understand this but there was in fact cat fur in our last cleanup. The detective in me would say that this could be a link, but my new job is just to stay quiet, so I guess this may just be a coincidence.

Stella and I had to work together to make sure no one found out about why there was a water leak in the apartment. Apparently the water messed up the entire apartment complex and people are beginning to ask questions. I went to the local police department to inform them that the lawyer had moved away. Stella also put out a notice that the apartment is up for sale, of course this won’t be until Jack can repair most of the damage.

I am not sure what to do about this cat coincidence at both scenes, but I guess if we keep getting calls from this anonymous person this cat case will keep showing up. I guess I don’t really care but it would be satisfying to bring down one more murderer.


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