Week 10 Daily Creates

My first daily create  was to create a drawing of Batman. As you can see I am not the most artistic person in the world but I think you can at least tell it is Batman. I uploaded it to flickr and you can see the finished product below.

My 15 second batman

My second daily create I was very confused as you can probably tell. I was supposed to find my most hated colour in my neighborhood. I did not know what the definition of colour was so I looked at the example given by the daily create page and what I came up with is the video below. These lamps are all lamps that are outside my residence hall.

My last daily create for this week I told a story about talking to a stranger. My story is about me helping an elderly lady getting a trash can off of her. Check it out in the link below or read it below that.


One summer day my friend and I were riding bikes around our neighborhood. We heard a distant yell “Can you help me? Help me please!” We looked down the street to see an elderly women with a trash can on top of her from her feet to her waist. We raced over and took it off her then helped her up. She thanked us and told us that we were nice boys.

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