Week 7 Daily Creates

Deep Space 106

This daily create was about turning ds into deep space. It was fun creating this because I got to be creative and use the noir cat. It was also fun to create because I made the noir cat sucked up into the ship from Independence Day.

A unique heel concept

This daily create took some time just because I had to figure out what to use for my picture. I couldn’t find anything until I came upon this tissue box. I thought what else better to use for a shoe then a tissue box and a glass cup! Man was it comfy to walk in!

My last daily create I had to make a scary movie trailer. I came up with the idea of my trailer from the hit horror movies paranormal activity. I used my roommates toaster to create Toasternormal activity. I hope you enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Week 7 Daily Creates

  1. These are so creative! I really love the deep space 106 picture, because it is sucking up the noir cat :) I also would never have thought of combining a tissue box and a drinking glass! It doesn’t seem comfy to me, but then again, I have never tried it! Overall great job with the daily create prompts!!

  2. I really enjoyed your toaster video. I always find those paranormal activity videos so ridiculous and your video did a good job mimicking that

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