Noir Not the Father. Tune In!

Noir Not the Father

Creating this poster was kind of a challenge. First off I could not download GIMP so I used an online poster maker. I was happy to find out that the site I used was actually a pretty good design tool. To start I had to think of the concept of the Maury show. I thought of how there is a lot of anger and fighting so that is what I looked up. What came up was the picture on the right of the poster and I thought it was a perfect mix in between Maury and a noir concept. The picture on the left is what I see as Stella Vaughn preparing for the show. I picked this photo because it is the kind of picture I would suspect would be on a poster for a show like Maury.  Lastly I put the title at the top with a interesting faunt that would catch a viewers eye, then I threw in a little subtext that will make viewers want to listen to the show because it explains that something interesting will happen.

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