Final Noir Not the Father Reflection

Listening to Noir Not the Father live on ds106radio was an awesome experience! I enjoyed it because my group put in so much effort and it was nice hearing our finished product. I also liked being on twitter when our show was being aired and seeing everyone’s thoughts on what was going on. There was no bad criticism I saw so that showed me that we did a good job. It was funny seeing tweets about people wondering what was happening because I knew they were going to be stunned at the twists! If I had to make any changes to our shows I would probably spend a little more time putting sound affects into it that sounded like they belong. The other groups I listened to were very good and I would like to get some advice on how they mixed them in so well. I enjoyed meeting and collaborating with a group the best about this project because that makes working a whole lot easier. The hardest thing about this project would be the planning. It took a lot of time getting all of our thoughts together and coming up with a good script. For future ds106ers I would say to not underestimate how much time it takes to make a good show!

If you missed our show listen to it below!


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