Noir Not the Father Progress

After meeting with my group at the convergence center we have come up with the name for our radio talk show which is called Noir Not the Farther. It is going to be a talk show based off of the hit show Maury. We have not talked about the specifics of what is going to happen on our talk show but we are all going to be to be our own characters and have events happen to them that have to do with the personalities of our characters. We have discussed some possible occurrences and it involves a cheating wife and murder plots so expect it to be very noir.

We have also spit up the tasks of radio bumpers and commercials. Tomorrow we have to have the bumpers done which is mine, Brian’s, and Phillips job, and we will try to finish the show by Thursday I believe. Mia and Kelsey will be making the commercials for the show. One will be an alcoholics anonymous commercial. We chose this one because both my and Brian’s characters are alcoholics and we believe that would add some humor to the show. Another commercial will be for a dating site which we got the idea from all the dating site commercials that you see on television now a days. For the last commercial we are in between a carpet cleaning service and a lost cat commercial.

I look forward to recording and putting the entire show together because I really enjoyed the tweet along’s and I think it is cool that I get to be the author of one of these talk shows.

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