Noir Not the Father: The Reunion (2nd week progress)

This week my friends from the radio show Noir Not the Father got together to shoot our video show of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion. Making this video was definitely an experience. We got together in the DKC studio and filmed our show in front of a green screen. Honestly I had no idea using a green screen was so easy. It made me think how overpaid some of the film artists are in Hollywood. Although, shooting the show was a mess. I almost fought Billy Steel AGAIN. He just drives me up a wall. Blair gets in the middle of things like she loves to do. Jack was pretty funny on the show. It has been a blast getting wasted with him at BARbarians. After the show we all had to get together and edit it. This took a very long time but i’ll give props to Blair for doing most of the editing work on the main video while the rest of us made commercials and intro’s and such. The video is not completely up yet but it will be soon!

Here are some tweets during shooting.


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