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The Tale of Ol Mick (my character)- 3 stars


This is a tale on tapestry of Ol Mick after he started to drink alcohol.

Ol Mick used to be a brave warrior and he would never fail to find the culprit of the crime. This was until he he regularly visited bars and started to get drunk every night. He had fun for a little bit while he could still control when he got drunk until he stopped being able to control it. Then he started to mess up at work and would fail getting the culprit. This put him into a state of depression which one day he hopes to get out of.

Taco Bell + DelTaco- 4 (1/2) stars

What happens when you combine Taco Bell with dell taco?

This assignment really tested my creativity. I took a while trying to come up with a combination of restaurants that would be humorous but couldn’t find two logos that had to do with the same food and looked like they could actually be together. That was until I was searching through Google images of Taco Bell and came across DelTaco. I cropped out the bottom of the Taco Bell logo and the top of the DelTaco logo to create a merger of the two.


Old Noir Book Cover on Ol Mick- 3 stars

What a book about Ol Mick would look like

For this assignment I had to create a book cover that was noir. I decided to make one about my character Ol Mick who is an alcoholic detective. I tried to make the cover as noir as possible with the black and white, the suit, and the suspenseful facial expression. I imagine that in the book Ol Mick has a case that he messes up because he was drunk then the rest of the book he is trying to avoid alcohol and fix it.


Valentines Day- 3 stars

I love you a latte

In this assignment I had to create my own valentines day card. I decided to get creative and put my own face in it because quite frankly who can resist me? This design has mostly warm colors that represent valentines day with the words “I love You a Latte” as the main attraction. Designing this was pretty easy with word because I know how to wrap text in front of pictures.