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Week 7, See Ya

My groups completed radio show

Here is a link to my week 2 of the radio show’s progress


My ten comments!











My daily creates


This week was a lot different then most weeks. This is because we got to form groups and make radio shows. I was surprised to find out that making the radio show with my group took up about the same amount of time as did a normal week for ds106. It is like our teachers planned it that way or something!

The main assignment we had to create this week was the radio show. I had a blast making Noir Not the Father with my group and found that I was use to using audacity because of my past with audio in this class. The rest of my group members also had this skill so putting this radio show together was a piece of cake.

The daily creates this week were very interesting. The one that was the most complicated was the one where I had to make ds into deep space. I had some trouble designing it but once I figured it out I had some fun with it. I thought it would be a good input if I put a noir cat into it being sucked up by a space ship. I had the most fun making the video for the scary movie trailor. When I was thinking about a scary movie I thought of Paranormal activity, so I decided to make a spoof trailor of this and came up with Toasternormal activity.

2nd Week in Review

My review to some noir readings


My Character Dossier introduction


Alternate ending to The Shadow writing assignment


Renegade teacher writing assignment


The unusual superhero writing assignment


My three daily creates this week


Look I participated!



Week Summary

This week I read some noir which included The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Killers, The Shadow, Dopamine Agonistes. These readings were all very interesting. Interesting enough that I did not care how long they took to read. I thought I would be pissed off the entire I was reading but the entire time I didn’t want to look away from the screen because they were such well written stories

I also created a character this week that is a detective who is addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. I also used him for a story that he was rude to some kids him. I looked forward to using Ol Mick later in the semester.

I was introduced into the writing assignments this week. This was very amusing to me because one thing I do not like about school is that I do not get to chose my assignments. I liked how there were a lot of options that I could do and one that I thought would be interesting to write about. The website that taught me how to do these writing assignments was very helpful as well.

I like the daily creates for the same reason I liked the writing assignment. That I could chose what day I wanted to do if I did not feel like doing the one for that day. These also went quick and really opened up my mind for creative thoughts.

Customizing my blog was an eyeopener and introduced me to a lot of new features of word press. After completing this step I felt a lot more confident working in word press. I saw that there are a bunch of more themes I can do and I will definitely be changing up my blog from time to time. And now anybody can learn who I am when they visit my about page. Downloading the plugins were kind of a challenge but I figured it out, and I will be quick on moderating comments now that I know how to do it. I also have changed my blog title to The Mind of Cuyler Matteson because everyone wants to get to know me LOL.

In conclusion I commented on some peoples blogs and used twitter some this week. I posted some examples of me participating and will continue for the rest of the semester.