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Lebowski Review

The space in The Big Lebowski has a ghettoish feel. Everywhere the dude went was an ugly broken part of Los Angeles (except for the other Lebowskis house). This helps frame the design of this film by whoever created the design had to focus on this ghettoish type. They gave the dude a crappy car and he went to a trashy bowling alley and the dude lived in an ugly house. These design aspects explain the noir that is in this film very well.

Another example of noir in this film would be how almost every time there was some sort of suspense involving the dude it was at night. And it was usually secluded part of town where only the dude and the people that were involved in the conflict on the scene. This brings out a sense of unknowing of what the outcome will be which keeps the viewer wanting to watch more.

I would say that the bowling alley could be a noir design that is not specific to a time or place. This is because it is a rundown bowling alley that has guns pulled from patrons in it, and it has a lot more drama that one would expect ever to go down in a bowling alley. It is not specific to a time because it is just a bowling alley and there is the same designed bowling alleys today as the one depicted in the 1990’s.