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Amanda Thacker’s Website Banner- 4th Inspire


This website banner inspires me by the use of color. Ever since we first learned about design elements I have thought that color is the most important design aspect. It really makes the design pop out at the viewer and it draws in more viewers by its colorfullness. The color brings in the viewer then all of the other pieces in the picture make this banner interesting. Like the balls of yarn and the play snake just keeps my eye on this design.

Barbara Hall’s Vocal Trio- Inspire 3


This work inspired me by how hard this assignment is and how close to perfect it is. Everyone taking this class are novices when it comes to this high tech audio equipment. So for Barbara to be that close to sinking her voice using audacity, is a very talented skill and I am impressed with how close it is. I can tell not having the music playing also made it harder so I am overall impressed by this work. It looks like it took a lot of time and effort.

Amanda Thacker’s Multipersonality- 2nd Inspire


This inspired me because of how well Amanda does when she talks in different personalities. When I talk to a microphone I can’t seem to get the words out correctly. I get nervous that I am going to mess up then when I think I do it right I play it back and it sounds awful. I guess I am just not meant to be a radio talk show host but I think Amanda could be one for sure!

Keep Knocking by CodingCrows- 1st inspire


This assignment inspires me because I have not had the easiest time with audio and this theme song is put together so well. After reading the intro to the track and it saying that this is the theme song to Harvey walking around knocking on doors for a living. The theme song had knocking noises the entire time. It also had music that depicted a long country travel. Like to me the music I heard in this theme song was something I would hear in a soundtrack for a movie about a cross country trip.