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Get A Clue Review

This was a very well put together radio show.  Every characters dialogue was amazing. They each told there stories so well and the background music for each person made it much more interesting to listen too. I really like how this show brought me in and made me think about who killed Lawrence by the things they said about him. If you check out my twitter account (@Cuyler_Matteson) you will see I thought almost every person that talked committed the crime.

There are not many parts of this show that would make me believe this is not a professional radio show, besides some hiccups while talking, but other then that I was entertained the entire time.

Lastly I liked how almost ever action that happened a sound effect came with it. For example when Lawrence died and when the police came. That adds tons of effect to the show.

maNOIRpulators Review

On Wednesday night I listened to maNOIRpulators. This was a great show and I was blown away by how good the sound effects were the entire show. The rainstorm and windshield wipers that opened up the show made for a great entrance and drew me in. The footprints were also spot on and I was amazed to how life like they were. It was the exact sound I would picture for someone walking on a wood floor. I can tell the writers of The maNOIRpulators put tons of work into this.