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Vignelli Canon review

After reading The Vignelli Canon I could compare almost everything Vignelli says to computer science. Computer science is using a programming language that uses a computer to solve a certain problem. Being a designer of a program is how Vignelli describes how he designs, and the computer is the audience that is viewing the design. In a computer program the designer must have semantics, which is meaning. Without this the computer will not execute what the designer wants and will be confused as to what the designer is making. Vignelli states that there cannot just be a random slash across a design that has no meaning because the viewer will be confused as to why it is there. The same rule applies in computer science because if there is a random input statement in the middle of a program it will confuse the computer and the computer will output something that the designer was too lazy to fix.

This brings me to another way design is like computer science. The program designer has to worry about two main factors when making a program. These two factors are input and output. If the program designer is lazy and puts in bad input, the output will be ugly. This is how Vignelli describes design. If the designer does not put work into his design the design is useless and shows nothing.

I also learned from the Vignelli Canon that there is great design all around me and I do not even notice it. One piece of design that I took a liking to was the picture of the church pews. I like how it is a bunch of geometric shapes all grouped together that break off into other geometric shapes. The church organ in the back is neat as well by how the cracks make a V-shape. The picture of this church shows that it takes time and patience to get a design to look good and for people to admire it. If there was no design in this picture the pews would be facing any what way and it would not matter what order the organ pipes were in.