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No Stain No Problem todo

So do you want to know what goes on at the No Stain No Problem? Well here is one days todo list in which is a pretty normal day. Although I can not say legally that any of this actually happened but let me say that we will not be having a pesky neighbor problem anymore.


This assignment is worth two stars from the visual assignment bank and I made it using my sticky note feature on my computer. Of course I know all my fellow co-workers but if you want to see more about our bios visit http://kelseyroach17.wix.com/no-stain-no-problem#!staff/c1atl

Buy Blood Be Gone

Watch out! If you purchase blood stain remover from any other company except for No Stain No Problem your eyes will fall out, your toes will shrivel into your body, then your head will explode into a million pieces. So I will leave it up to you, either buy an unnamed product that will make your head explode or buy Blood Be Gone and get rid of the bloody mess on your carpet fast and easy.

p.s. I am not saying this just because I work for No Stain No Problem, which sells  Blood Be Gone.


I made this poster with postermywall.com and found a cool template for a warning poster. I thought the flames were a good backgroud becausue they would catch your eye along with the the big warning text that will bring you in to read the small text.

Warning Poster Assignment- 3 stars

Look out for billy steel. He's dangerous.

For this assignment Brian Burns and I got together and worked on a visual assignment. This assignment was to create a warning poster for something dangerous. Burns character is Billy Steel who is a vigilante and my character (Micheal Bretton) is a detective. We discussed what we could do for this assignment  and we thought about how a vigilante could be trouble to a detective. So this poster is a warning poster posted by Micheal Bretton trying to capture Billy Steel.

We played around with photo shop to create this poster. It took a while to get the perfect font for the “WARNING” but we finally agreed on one.

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost (A visual on poetry)- 3 points

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost

This background fits perfectly with The Road Not Taken because the poem is about taken a road that most people would not. When I saw this picture I thought it fit because I could imagine a creepy gas station attendant back down the road a little bit telling every passer which road is easier or safer to go down. The decision one would have to make is if they should take the road less traveled or the road the gas station attendant said not to go down.

What’s in Ol Mick’s Backpack- 3 points

Ol Mick's backpack

This is Ol Mick’s bag. As you know he is very much an alcoholic, so the tequila in his bag is a must. The blender and blending cup is just in case he gets sick of plain tequila and wants to make a mixed drink.

He has  his  black folder which is a journal for  crime investigations and his green journal which is a day to day/event to event kind of deal. Last he has his wallet and keys. The wallet is an essential artifact in his bag because it has his ID and money to purchase more alcohol. The keys he rarely gets to use because he is usually to drunk to drive.