Design Blitz

The carpet in my apartment complex is an example of a Balance design principle. Symmetrical balance

This picture is an example of the balance design principle. I see this principle as a design that is neat looking. Something that is either symmetric or asymmetric. My example, which is the carpet outside my door to my apartment complex, is an example of symmetric. I liked this design because when I first moved in it caught my eye, and that is what I think is a purpose of symmetrical balance. For whoever sees it looks at it and thinks about how cool it looks. This is an effective design for balance.

This add for a play I found is a good example of using color to bring out the message in the poster

This picture is an example of the color design principle. To understand the color principle I tried to imagine this picture with no color at all and thought that it would be hard to pick out what is of importance in it. The purple in this brings out the wine glass and the title which shows that that is what the viewer should be paying attention to. The rest is black and white showing less importance. This is an effective design for color.

I believe the cover to American Sniper is a good example of form/function/message because it explains a lot about who Chris Kyle was

The book cover for American Sniper is an example of form/function/message because the cover really does explain what kind of person Chris Kyle was. He was a true American who would die for his country which explains the American flag in the picture. It also shows Chris in his navy seal gear which attributes to the fact that he was a great soldier. The sentence below the title also explains him very well and explains what the book is about by saying he was the deadliest sniper. This is an effective design for form/function/message.

This add I used for an old homework assignment displays dominance by bringing out the words NO MORE WAR

This picture is an example of the dominance design principle. It is clear what dominates in this design and it is the statement no more war. This is an effective design because viewers who are interested in that topic will be drawn in by that statement.


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