3rd Week is Over

I thought about the visuals of storytelling


I reflected on Killers Kiss and He Walked By Night


My photo safari

dramatic use of distinct shadows

Dramatic use of a distinct shadow

lighting from one side

Lighting from one side selfie

off-kilter or unusual camera angle/framing

Not how I would watch tv

the “Venetian blind” effect

A "Venetian blind" effect

sense of drama and/or moodiness

Brian Burns is looking moody because he doesn't have the controller to play wii

My daily creates for the week


Whats in Ol Micks backpack- 3 stars


The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost (Added Picture)-3 stars


Ol Mick’s Notes to self – 2 stars


Unsuspecting Friends – 2 stars


Two examples of me participating



This week I dove into the art of photography.  It started out neat with the introduction of how  to make good pictures. I  learned how to make a picture more interesting by putting an artifact in the middle of the picture, or somewhere will it will catch the viewers eye, in order to get the viewer to look more deeply at that photo. I also learned that it may take time to capture a good photo. Like the picture with the soldiers working out he waited for the exact time for there to be breaks or holes in the workout from the viewpoint of the camera.

I also watched some interesting noir fims that really jump on the idea of noir. The detective with the black hats and criminals with guns that make you question what they are going to do. Also in these films it showed me how the director uses camera angles to capture the perfect shot to keep the viewer entertained.

Making the photo safari was a lot of fun by exploring all different camera angles and getting the perfect one. I felt like a real life photographer and let me tell you I have a lot of pictures that I did not use.

The daily creates were interesting this week with all kinds of fun artistic things I could do. I personally enjoyed making the 2048 game the most.

The visual assignments were fun as well by really testing my brain to figure out creative ways to  make those photos appeal to the viewer.

I also enjoy the blog changes we have been instructed to do and keep doing. I think this is a wonderful skill to know and I will look forward to learning more wordpress and using it in the future.

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