And Week 4 is Over

My thoughts on audio storytelling

(I’m posting the links below just in case the hyperlink does not work- I followed the video in the help section exactly)

My daily creates

My ds106 radio bumper

The story of Ol Mick- Audio style -3 1/2 stars

My whistle along - 2 stars

My day in sound effects -3 stars

My talk show idea

This was a very interesting week for me. My friends from high school were always into audio and making cool mash ups of different sounds. Back then I did not know much about it so I could not join in with them. Now I feel like I have a good base for audio correcting and could probably show my friends a few things that they did not know.

I’m not going to lie I had a tough time with comparing the videos in the audio reflection. I would go back and forth between the videos and I could tell they were different but I kept losing track of which was which. The radio show though was a great assignment! I really enjoyed being active with my class mates on twitter and hearing there opinions on the same broadcast that I was listening too.

The daily creates this week were very fun to do as well. I liked how I could be creative with the Budweiser commercial remake and i’d say my  commercial is more sentimental then the actual one. Maybe not but mine would make a grown man cry.

The radio bumper was a fun activity to do as well. I know I am not a professional at making bumpers but I liked how I could hear my bumper on the radio, like it was that good. This assignment did help me figure out how to do audacity a little more and I am grateful for that.

All of my assignment posts help me get more and more used to audacity. I figured out how to mesh to sounds together and created some great mixtures of sound.

Brainstorming radio show ideas was a great work out for my brain. I thought back to all the radio shows I have heard and came up with a great idea.

And last audacity is a great tool to come up with mixtures of sound. I will look forward to getting better at it in the future.

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