Week 7, See Ya

My groups completed radio show

Here is a link to my week 2 of the radio show’s progress


My ten comments!











My daily creates


This week was a lot different then most weeks. This is because we got to form groups and make radio shows. I was surprised to find out that making the radio show with my group took up about the same amount of time as did a normal week for ds106. It is like our teachers planned it that way or something!

The main assignment we had to create this week was the radio show. I had a blast making Noir Not the Father with my group and found that I was use to using audacity because of my past with audio in this class. The rest of my group members also had this skill so putting this radio show together was a piece of cake.

The daily creates this week were very interesting. The one that was the most complicated was the one where I had to make ds into deep space. I had some trouble designing it but once I figured it out I had some fun with it. I thought it would be a good input if I put a noir cat into it being sucked up by a space ship. I had the most fun making the video for the scary movie trailor. When I was thinking about a scary movie I thought of Paranormal activity, so I decided to make a spoof trailor of this and came up with Toasternormal activity.

One thought on “Week 7, See Ya

  1. You and Burns were a great combo in your show! You also left some very insightful comments on others work. Killin it Cuyler

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