Wrapping Up Week 5

My reflection on Vignelli Canon


The Big Lewboski review


Design blitz


3 daily creates


Valentines day card- 3 stars


Self made book cover- 3 stars (my character)


Chain restaurant mix up- 4 1/2 stars


The tale of Ol Mick- 3 stars (my character)


Copyright laws reflection


As I wrap up week 5 I can’t help but think of all the elements of design there are that I have always just skimmed by without thinking twice about. This week has gotten me to look at those design aspects and appreciate them more.

The Vignelli Cannon introduced me to some of these new design aspects and started my thinking of how design is playing a big part in the world around me. I liked the picture of plates that was in the book that were stacked up and I thought to myself how neat looking and convenient that is.

I decided to review The Big Lebowski for my film review. This movie was definitely one of the most interesting films I have ever seen. Every scene something unsuspecting happened and it made me look more into the noir and how it plays a role in design.

I think the design blitz was one of the more challenging projects I have had to do for this class. Finding the perfect capture was difficult especially when I kept having to refer back to the noir 106 page to find out more about the concepts of design.

I enjoyed doing the daily creates this week! I liked that I had a chance to get very creative and one of my favorite creates would have to be the one I did with my hand. I felt like an artist after that one.

My enjoyment of the daily creates carried over to the assignment bank this week. I really enjoyed getting creative and working with pictures, meshing them all up to get the perfect design I wanted.

Reading the copyright laws, I agree with how they are unfair and should be more acceptable to use other peoples work. They are really destroying some creative ideas out there.

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