Wrapping Up Week 9

My review of the radio show Get A Clue


My final reflection on Noir not the father


My daily creates


My video essay (I apologize for the poor work)


Week one planning of Noir Not the Father: The Reunion


link to my character category


This weeks new concept of video was quit a work load.

First on Tuesday I listened to Get A Clue and tweeted along to it. I enjoyed this show a lot and liked how easy it was to pay attention and know what was going on.

Next I posted my final reflection on my radio show. It was a good oppurtunity to look back and think of all the work I put into the radio show and that it paid off!

The second daily create I did this week was a bit confusing because I had no idea how to make a video letter but I found a cool concept of how to make a Star Wars intro letter and I had fun with it.

Again I apologize for this post. I could not figure out the video essay stuff and I waited to long to work on this assignment.

Getting back together with my group was a blast and I can’t wait to get back together next week to film Noir Not the Father: The Reunion.

I have created my character category and you can find the link to it above!

My trailer for groups video show!


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